The Kendall County Illinois Parcel Numbering System

History of the Public Land Survey System

There are many parcel numbering systems in use in the United States today, but only 2 separate and distinct systems of land survey; the system of metes and bounds, in which each parcel is individually described and bounded, and the Public Land Survey System under which the land is divided into basically equal sized townships, sections, and fractions thereof.

Click to EnlargeThe metes and bounds, irregular survey sytem is used in the eastern states of North and South Carolina, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia, also parts of Ohio and Texas. Each parcel is independently described, varies in size and it not "tied" to any system.

The recangular survey system or public land survey system of townships and sections, as first defined by the Continental Congress, enacted into federal law in 1784 and subsequently modified, represents the most widespread system used to mark and describe land within the United States, over 2/3 of the United States land mass.

In this system, primary lines are run with reference to the meridian lines and parallels of latitude which are identified as Principal Meridian (north-south) and Base lines (east-west). Lands are divided into townships, 6 miles square, which are related to the meridian and base lines established by the federal government. Township numbers east or west of the principal meridian are Ranges, and numbers north or south of the base line are tiers.

Click to Enlarge Kendall County Illinois is divided into 9 townships. There are 9 geographic townships used for developing the parcel numbering system, and 9 political townships.
The geographical township is representative of the 36 sections as originally surveyed as part of the Public Land Survey System.
The political townships is representative of the political or jurisdictional boundaries as defined when the County was formed.

Learn about how the townships in Kendall County Illinios got their names here.

Click to EnlargeThe Township, 6 mile square, is divided into 36 square mile sections containing 640 acres. The sections can be further divided into halves, quarters, quarter-quarters, and so on. Irregularly described metes and bounds tracts within this system are tied to the monuments established under the rectangular survey system.

A numbering system for lands under the federal rectangular survey, a system which combines the basic land divisions of the township, section and quarter section as the base for the mapping and numbering system which is logical and adventageous. The assignment of numbers to the land divisions of the rectangular survey system provides for a parcel number which will describe and locate any specific parcel.

The Kendall County Illinois Parcel Number

Click to EnlargeThe Kendall County Illinois parcel number is made up of 4 parts. The 2 digit township number, the 2 digit section number, a 3 digit block number, and a 3 digit parcel number all separated by a dash.

Example: TT-SS-BBB-PPP
TT = 2 digit Township Number
SS = 2 digit Section number
BBB = 3 digit Block Number
PPP = 3 digit Parcel Number

This system uniquely identifies each tax parcel in Kendall County and makes it possible for tax users to quickly locate a parcel on a map.

Valid parcel numbers in Kendall County Illinois will range from:

Little Rock Twp

Bristol Twp

Oswego Twp

Fox Twp

Kendall Twp

Na-Au-Say Twp

Big Grove Twp

Lisbon Twp

Seward Twp


The 500 series block numbers are reserved for the 3 railroads that run through Kendall County.
501=Burlington Northern RailRoad, running primarily east-west through Little Rock, Bristol and Oswego Townships north of the Fox River.
502=Illinois Railnet RailRoad, running primarily east-west through Fox, Kendall and Oswego Townships south of the Fox River.
503= Elgin & Joliet Eastern RailRoad nunning through the southeast corner of Seward Township.

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